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Curry Package graphviz

graphviz: Visualize graphs

This package contains libraries to visualize graphs with Graphviz.

The library Data.GraphViz provides constructors to be used to generate graphs. The directory examples contains example graphs defined with this library.

There is also a convenient operation Data.GraphViz.viewDotGraph to visualize a graph with the dotviewcommand specified in the rc file of the Curry system. Thus, this operation looks up the value of the dotviewcommand field in the rc file (e.g., ~/.pakcsrc in case of PAKCS) and passes the text of specified graph to this command. Here are some reasonable settings of this field:

dotviewcommand=dot   -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && xdg-open /tmp/dotxxx.pdf
dotviewcommand=neato -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && xdg-open /tmp/dotxxx.pdf
dotviewcommand=circo -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && xdg-open /tmp/dotxxx.pdf
dotviewcommand=fdp   -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && xdg-open /tmp/dotxxx.pdf


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