Curry Packages in the CPM Repository

Version: March 28, 2020

abstract-curry API Libraries to deal with AbstractCurry programs 2.0.0
abstract-haskell API Libraries to represent Haskell programs in Curry 2.0.0
addtypes API curry-addtypes A tool to add missing type signatures in a Curry program 2.0.0
ansi-terminal API Library supporting formatted output on terminals 0.0.1
array API An implementation of arrays with Braun trees. 0.0.1
base API Base libraries for Curry systems 1.0.0
benchmark-papers API exec-benchmarkpaper A tool to support executable benchmark papers 2.0.0
bindata API Library to support reading/writing binary data 1.1.0
binint API Libraries with a binary representation of natural and integers 2.0.0
boxes API A pretty printer for boxes 2.0.0
bpmn2bpel API Libraries to support a bi-directional transformation between BPMN and BPEL 0.1.0
call-analysis API curry-ndopt A call-pattern analysis and transformation tool to improve lazy non-deterministic computations 2.0.0
casc API curry-style A tool to check the formatting style of Curry programs 2.0.0
cass API PDF cass CASS: the Curry Analysis Server System 2.0.0
cass-analysis API Libraries with various compile-time analyses for Curry 2.0.0
ccti API ccti Curry Concolic Testing Interpreter 0.0.1
cdbi API Libraries for type-safe database programming 2.0.0
chr-curry API A library to use Constraint Handling Rules in Curry programs 2.0.0
clp-pakcs API CLP libraries for PAKCS 1.0.0
clpbool API A library with a constraint solver over the Booleans 2.0.0
clpfd-smt API Libraries for finite-domain constraints implemented with SMT/SAT 0.0.2
combinatorial API A collection of common non-deterministic and/or combinatorial operations 1.0.0
containers     Library implementing various datastructures 3.0.0
contract-prover API curry-contracts A tool to verify contracts in FlatCurry programs 1.0.0
contracts API Some auxiliaries used by various Curry tools to check contracts 0.0.1
coosy API coosy-gui A tool to observe functional logic computations 2.0.0
cpc API PDF cpc Curry Program Coverage tool 0.0.1
cpm API PDF cypm Curry Package Manager: a tool to distribute and install Curry libraries and applications 2.1.1
cpm-manage API cpm-manage Tools to manage the main repository of the Curry Package Manager 2.1.0
cpns API curry-cpnsd Curry port name server and sockets with symbolic names 0.0.1
cryptohash API Library for simple cryptography hashing 0.0.1
csv API Library for reading/writing files in CSV format 1.0.0
curry-ast API Libaries to represent Curry programs 2.2.0
curry2js API curry2js A compiler for Curry into JavaScript programs used in WUIs. 2.0.0
currybrowse API curry-browse A GUI to browse and analyze the modules of a Curry program 2.0.0
currycheck API PDF curry-check A tool to support automatic testing of Curry programs 2.0.0
currydoc API curry-doc A documentation generator for Curry 2.0.0
currypath API Operations to deal with Curry module names and paths 0.0.1
currypp API PDF currypp The standard preprocessor of Curry 2.1.0
db-pakcs API Old database libraries for PAKCS (deprecated) 1.0.0
det-parse API Deterministic parser combinators 0.0.1
dimacs API An interface to SAT solvers supporting DIMACS. 0.0.1
directory     Library for accessing the directory structure of the underlying operating system. 3.0.0
distribution     This module contains definition of constants to obtain information concerning the current distribution of the Curry implementation. 3.0.0
dsdcurry API dsdcurry A tool for declarative software development 1.0.0
easycheck API Libraries for automated, property-based testing of Curry programs 0.0.1
ertools API erd2curry Tools for dealing with database applications specified by entity-relationship diagrams 2.0.0
exact-print API Libaries to exactly print curry-ast 1.0.0
execpath API Operations related to the program execution path 0.0.1
failfree API curry-failfree A tool to verify whether a Curry program executes without failures 1.0.0
filepath     A library for FilePath manipulations, using Posix or Windows filepaths depending on the platform. 3.0.0
finite-map API Library implementing finite maps (efficient mappings from keys to values) 0.0.1
fl-parser API Library with functional logic parser combinators 1.0.0
flatcurry API Libraries to deal with FlatCurry programs 2.0.0
flatcurry-annotated API Libraries to represent FlatCurry programs with arbitrary annotations 2.0.0
flatcurry-compact API curry-compactflat A tool to reduce the size of FlatCurry programs 0.0.1
frontend-exec API Operations to execute the front end of the Curry system 0.0.1
global-variables API Library for handling global variables in PAKCS 1.0.0
graph-inductive API Library for inductive graphs 2.0.0
graphviz API Libraries to visualize graphs with Graphviz 2.0.0
gui API Libraries for programming graphical user interfaces 2.0.0
html API curry-makecgi Libraries for HTML programming. 2.1.0
html-cgi API curry-cgi Support for CGI programming in HTML libraries 0.0.1
html2 API curry2cgi Libraries for HTML programming with event-handler-based form processing 0.0.1
icurry API PDF icurry Intermediate format for compiling Curry to imperative languages 3.0.0
importusage API curry-usedimports Library and tool to show the usage of imported entities of a module 1.0.0
io-extra     Library with some useful extensions to the IO monad. 3.0.0
javascript API Libraries to represent JavaScript programs in Curry 2.0.0
json API A JSON library for Curry 2.0.0
keydb API Libraries for accessing databases via database keys 2.0.0
mail-utils API Library with operations for sending emails. 2.0.0
makefile API curry-genmake Library and tool for generating makefiles 2.0.0
markdown API md2pdf Libraries to process markdown documents 3.0.0
ninja API Representation and generation of Ninja files 1.0.0
nonstrictunif-optimize API curry-nonstrictopt Linearity optimizer for functional patterns 2.0.0
opt-parse API PDF An option parser for Curry 0.0.3
peano API Library defining natural numbers in Peano representation 1.0.0
peval API curry-peval A partial evaluator for Curry 2.0.0
peval-noshare API curry-pevalns A partial evaluator for Curry (without sharing) 0.0.1
pflp API Library for Probabilistic Functional Logic Programming 1.0.1
plural-arguments API curry-plural A tool to implement plural arguments in a Curry program 2.0.0
ports API Library for distributed programming with ports 1.0.0
printf API Operations to format values of basic data types with formatting flags 0.0.1
process     A library for process manipulation and information. 3.0.0
profiling API Simple profiling library with operations to access run-time data 1.0.0
profiling-pakcs API Library to access profile data of the back-end Prolog system of PAKCS 1.0.0
prolog API Libraries to represent Prolog programs in Curry 2.0.0
propertyfile API Read and update files containing properties in equational syntax 0.0.1
queue API Library with double-ended queues supporting access at both ends in constant amortized time 0.0.1
random API Library for pseudo-random number generation 0.0.1
read-legacy     A library for reading and writing from or to strings. 3.0.0
redblacktree API Libraries implementing red-black trees for tables and sets 0.0.1
regexp API Library to specify the semantics of regular expressions 1.1.0
residuation-analysis API curry-anaresinfo Analyzing the residuation behavior of Curry programs 0.0.1
rewriting API Libraries for term rewriting and narrowing 2.1.0
roman API Library for roman numbers 2.0.0
runcurry API runcurry Implementation of a command to run Curry programs directly 1.0.0
scc API Computing strongly connected components 0.0.1
searchtree API Libraries with operations to strongly encapsulated non-deterministic computations as a search tree or list 1.0.0
searchtree-unsafe API Library to represent strongly encapsulated non-deterministic computations as a search tree where local unbound variables remain free 1.0.0
setfunction-synthesis API synsetfun Prototype implementation of synthesizing set functions 0.0.1
setfunctions API Implementation of set functions to encapsulate non-deterministic computations in a strategy independent manner 0.0.1
showflatcurry API curry-showflat Library and tool to show FlatCurry programs in human-readable (Curry-like) form 1.0.0
smtlib API Implementation of the SMT-LIB standard for Curry 0.0.1
smtlib-solver API This package provides general operations for an interactive communication with SMT solvers via stdin and stdout. 0.0.1
socket API Library for programming with sockets 0.0.1
sourceproggui API curry-showsource A simple GUI for highlighting functions in the source text of a Curry module. 1.0.0
spicey API PDF spiceup A web application framework for Curry 3.2.0
stylechecker API curry-stylecheck A tool to check the formatting style of Curry programs 1.1.0
time     Library for handling date and time information. 3.0.0
transbooleq API curry-transbooleq A transformation tool to replace Boolean equalities by equational constraints 2.0.0
transformers     A portable library of functor and monad transformers 3.0.0
traversal API Library to support lightweight generic traversals through tree-structured data 1.0.0
ui API Libraries to implement declarative user interfaces 2.0.0
url API Library for dealing with URLs 1.0.0
verify API curry-verify A tool to support the verification of Curry programs 2.0.0
wl-pprint API Pretty printing combinators for Curry (inspired by Leijen's library for Haskell) 0.0.1
wui API Libraries to support the type-oriented construction of web user interfaces 2.0.0
wui2 API Libraries to support the type-oriented construction of web user interfaces based on the html2 package 0.0.1
xml API Libraries for XML processing 2.0.0
xmldata API curry-data2xml A tool for generating XML conversion functions 2.0.0


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