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Curry Package graphviz

graphviz: Visualize graphs

This package contains libraries to visualize graphs with Graphviz.

There is also a convenient operation Data.GraphViz.viewDotGraph to visualize a graph with the dotviewcommand specified in the rc file of the Curry system. Thus, this operation looks up the value of the dotviewcommand field in the rc file (e.g., ~/.pakcsrc in case of PAKCS) and passes the text of specified graph to this command. Here are some reasonable settings of this field:

dotviewcommand=dot -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && evince /tmp/dotxxx.pdf
dotviewcommand=neato -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && evince /tmp/dotxxx.pdf
dotviewcommand=circo -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && evince /tmp/dotxxx.pdf
dotviewcommand=fdp -Tpdf > /tmp/dotxxx.pdf && evince /tmp/dotxxx.pdf


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cypm checkout graphviz 3.0.0
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