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Curry Package ertools

ER Tools for Curry

This directory contains tools for dealing with database applications specified by entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) in Curry programs.

ERD2CDBI compiler

This tool transforms an ERD term into datatypes used in the Database.CDBI. libraries. It also creates an information file for the currypp SQL-Parser. This compiler is invoked by

erd2curry --db <sqlite3 db file> --cdbi <Curry program with ERD>

ERD2Curry compiler

This is a compiler for database applications specified by entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) into Curry programs. The basic ideas and details about this approach are described in

B. Brassel, M. Hanus, M. Mueller: High-Level Database Programming in Curry In Proc. of the Tenth International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL 2008), pp. 316-332, Springer LNCS 4902, 2008

Usage information:

Default use without Umbrello UML Modeller but ERD term descriptions:

  1. Go to the directory where you want to create your Curry program and create an ERD description as a Curry term of type ERD (w.r.t. type definition given in module ERD.curry), e.g., stored in "mymodel.erdterm".

  2. Compile it into a Curry program with

    erd2curry mymodel.erdterm

This generates two auxiliary files ERDGeneric.curry and KeyDatabase.curry and a main file <Model name>.curry> containing the Curry API operations to the database.

Use with Umbrello UML Modeller (no longer actively supported):

  1. Create an XML description of the ERD (with Umbrello) in xmi format, e.g., stored in "mymodel.xmi".

  2. Compile it into a Curry program with

erd2curry -x myerd.xmi


To visualize an ERD term file as a graph with dotty, execute

erd2curry -v mymodel.erdterm


The directory examples contains two examples for the specification of ERD models:

  • BlogERD.curry: a simple ERD model for a blog with entries, comments, and tags.
  • UniERD.curry: an ERD model for university lectures as presented in the original paper cited above.

Further infos and contact: Michael Hanus http://www.informatik.uni-kiel.de/~mh


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