2018-12-10 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Update PAKCS man pages (including CYPM man page).
  • Debian: Upload to unstable as NEW: libjs-jquery-markitup 1.1.15-1
  • PS-IfI: Set up dirvish backups fo all hosts' /etc/ directories.
  • PS-IfI: jour fixe
  • PS-IfI: Block 68 GitLab users. Wait for feedback from mh@ifi before removing them (and their repos).
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade GitLab to version 11.5.3.

2018-12-07 (mga)

  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: fusiondirectory 1.2.3-1.
  • Debian: Integrate upstream-proposed fixes into next revision of the veyon src:package.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: pinentry-x2go (
  • IfI: Get in touch with Naymspace via phone and request feedback once more.
    • PS-IfI: Pick up power converter for mh@ifi's notebook from LOGO EDV-Systeme GmbH.
  • PS-IfI: Start working on LDAP-2-wiki script for hosts overview page

2018-12-06 (mga)

  • Debian: Sponsor upload to unstable: dicteval 0.0.6-1 (with my application manager hat on).
  • Debian: Close some RFS bugs.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable as NEW: veyon 4.1.4+repack1-1.

2018-12-04 (mga)

  • Debian: Request removal of reloadevery Firefox extension from Debian testing/unstable. Reason: abandoned upstream.
  • Debian: Upload ito unstable: e2guardian 5.2.2-2.
  • Debian: Work on packaging Veyon for Debian.

2018-12-03 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Order Lenovo charger for mh@ifi.
  • PS-IfI: Install SSL certificate on SARASVATI (aka ilearn.ifi).
  • Debian: Review P&P part 1 of a new member applicant (Application Manager work).
  • Debian: Review upload proposal of python-socketio-realtime-server. (AM work).
  • PS-IfI: jour fixe
  • PS-IfI: Start working on the wiki documentation.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch: ganeti-os-noop 0.2.1-1+deb9u1.

2018-11-30 (mga)

  • Demo X2Go TCE / ThinLinc TCE to tr@ifi. (They use diskful
  • thinclients and are interested in a diskless solution).
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: x2goserver (
  • PS-IfI: Fix toner issues in hpcmh2 (by dismantling the printer and shaking the toner cartridge. Might not last long…

2018-11-28 (mga)

  • Debian: Package reviews (with my application manager hat on).
  • X2Go ( + PS-IfI): Test X2Go TCE on Debian buster. Consider uploading X2Go TCE as official Debian packages.

2018-11-27 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Update dokuwiki instance of the Curry Wiki to latest version (codename: Greebo, ===== 2018-04-22a).
  • Arctica Project: Work on Arctica Greeter to improve HighContrast theming.

2018-11-26 (mga)

  • X2Go: Add IceWM support to X2Go Server and Python X2Go.

2018-11-23 (mga)

  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: pakcs 2.0.2-1.
  • IfI: Communicate thin client failures in r709 to admin@ifi. *

2018-11-22 (mga)

  • IfI: Finalize upgrade of ARWEN. ThinLinc login is now successful.
  • IfI: ARWEN, verify that the /etc/skel works as expected on Ubuntu 18.04.
  • IfI: Uninstall unwanted software (mail clients, etc.).
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: nx-libs
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: pluma 1.20.3-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: freerdp2 2.0.0~git20181120.1.e21b72c95+dfsg1-1
  • PS-IfI: Discuss release for curry-base and curry-frontend with fte@ifi.
  • PS-IfI: Discuss curry-libs and curry-tools release with mh@ifi.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-libs 2.0.2-1.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-tools 2.0.2-1.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-base 1.10.0-1.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-frontend 1.0.2-1.

2018-11-21 (mga)

  • IfI: Finalize ilearn VM.
  • IfI: Upgrade ThinLinc server on host ARWEN (not yet done, support request sent to admin@ifi).
  • PS-IfI: Fix missing psifi-dev package on host BELAIR.
  • X2Go: Review Spanish translation file an request adding translation of About dialog window's text.
  • Conferences: Plan FOSDEM 2019 visit.
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade ThinLinc Client to 4.9.x on PORTY, BELAIR, LASCOMBES and MORGON.

2018-11-19 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Order Lenovo notebook for mh@ifi.
  • IfI: Setup host SARASVATI (ilearn VM in institute's VMware).
  • X2Go: Commit new French translation file.
  • Debian: Review kickpass packaging proposal (with my application manager hat on).
  • Arctica: More work on fixing project's autobuilds on Jenkins.
  • PS-IfI: jour fixe.
  • PS-IfI: Work on script for automatic LDAP host list export to dokuwiki.

2018-11-16 (mga)

  • IfI: Teach myself VMware vCenter usage.
  • IfI: Discuss with Henrik Schmidt potential tasks at PS-IfI.
  • PS-IfI: Meet Mike Reinhardt, checkout technical qualifications regarding becoming a trainee at the institute.
  • Ayatana Indicators: Work on test VM to get Ayatana Indicators working in next Ubuntu 19.04 release.
  • X2Go: Finalize X2Go Desktop Sharing for release of version Send out call for translations.
  • Debian/Ubuntu: Upload to unstable ayatana-indicator-session 0.4.3-2.

2018-11-14 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Upgrade dokuwiki instance „adminwiki“ to latest version (codename: Greebo, ===== 2018-04-22a).
  • Arctica: Restore from backups. Re-enable relevant builds for Ayatana Indicators project.
  • Arctica: Setup builds for Ubuntu 18.10 and 19.04 (current development version of Ubuntu).
  • Ayatana Indicators: Start testing them on Ubuntu 19.04 (disco).
  • X2Go: discuss wording of debconf team with Justin from the Debian l10n English translation team.
  • MATE upstream / Ayatana Indicators: Topic reach chat with Martin Wimpress, lead developer and coordinator of Ubuntu MATE.

2018-11-13 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Coordinate (from home) with up@ifi how to let Andreas Buchhholz from Logo-EDV GmbH into r715 (CAP-4), so that he can change the projector's light bulb.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: bamf 0.5.4-1.

2018-11-12 (mga)

  • X2Go: Work on the X2Go Desktop Sharing feature.
    1. make it system-wide configurable
    2. make it configurable through DebConf templates
    3. add auto-start feature, finally.
    4. add auto-activate feature, finally.
    5. re-do translatable strings (make the app more verbose)
    6. add German translation
  • PS-IfI: Review required adminwiki changes.
  • PS-IfI: jour fixe
  • X2Go: Publish blog article about work-gotten-done at the X2Go gathering.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: brisk-menu 0.5.0-9.
  • Debian: Prepare upload to unstable: bamf 0.5.4-1.

===== 2018-11-11 (mga) ===== (X2Go Gathering 2018)

  • Debian: Port pinentry-x2go to Qt5, upload to unstable pinentry-x2go
  • X2Go: Apply changes on top of pinentry-x2go upstream.
  • Talk:
    1. Quick introduction to librda.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-polkit 1.20.1-2.
  • X2Go: Work on x2godesktopsharing upstream:
    1. allow system-wide default settings
    2. store sharing group in settings (instead of hard-coding a POSIX group name)
    3. rewrite the access grant/deny dialog
  • Debian: Prepare Debian package for x2godesktopsharing.
    1. debconf: make the sharing group name selectable
    2. debconf: auto-start desktop sharing
    3. debconf: auto-activate desktop sharing when started

===== 2018-11-10 (mga) ===== (X2Go Gathering 2018)

  • build chain: make my smtp_tunnel script more robust and specific about which autossh tunnel to take down. Add „up“ and „down“ as first argument, so now I can take the autossh tunnel for SMTP also down.
  • Talks:
    1. Discussion Slot - more general NX-Libs discussion (BIG-REQUESTS, Xinerama, Telekinesis)
    2. Demo: Arctica Greeter with X2Go Logon
    3. Demo/Discussion: Current state of the Python Broker Feature Requests
    4. Discussion Slot - more general NX-Libs discussion (Software rendering, OpenGL, GLX, … how is that all related? And would we be able to speed things up in a Telekinesis-like approach somehow?)
  • Cooking: : Prepare vegan, organic Italian pasta (with salad and ciabatta bread) for the group. Together with Ritchi and Thomas. Much appreciation to plattsalat e.V. for sponsoring the food.
  • PyHoca-CLI: Fix normal password authentication (i.e. for users that don't use SSH priv/pub keys.
  • Python X2Go / pyhoca-cli: Add check directly after authentication that exits with error, if the remote server has no X2Go Server software installed.
  • X2Go Consulting: Demo possible approach for having X2Go in the webbrowser again to Martti Pikanen.

===== 2018-11-09 (mga) ===== (X2Go Gathering 2018)

  • X2Go: Port x2godesktopsharing to Qt5.
  • Arctica: Release librda 0.0.2 (upstream) and upload librda 0.0.2-1 to Debian unstable (as NEW).
  • Arctica: PR reviews and merges:
  • Arctica: Fix autobuilders (add libxkbfile-dev locally to the build systems' list of packages (for latest nx-libs with xkb- branch merged).
  • Arctica: Fix (IMAKE_)FONT_DEFINES build logic in nx-libs (together with Ulrich Sibiller)
  • X2Go: Explain X2Go Desktop Sharing to one of the event sponsors.
  • Discuss various W-I-P branches in nx-libs and check their development status with the co-maintainers.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: mate-tweak 18.10.2-1~bpo9+1.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: mate-icon-theme 1.20.2-1~bpo9+1.

2018-11-07 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Update oracle-java8-* pkgs on GISCOURS's APT archive to version 8u192.
  • PS-IfI: Check beamer in r715.
  • PS-IfI: Tidy up workstation / media desk in r715.
  • PS-IfI: Introspect required wiki changes (and start making a list).
  • PS-IfI: Remind Technik-Service on VM for ilearn.
  • PS-IfI: Finally order notebook for mras@ifi.
  • PS-IfI: Request quotes for notebook for mh@ifi from CAU preferred Lenovo dealers.

2018-11-05 (mga)

  • jour fixe
  • [data lost, due to unknown reason]

2018-11-02 (mga)

  • IfI: telco with Pierre from naymspace on production/staging server for future iLearn versions.
  • IfI: request VM for iLearn from Technik Service.
  • Arctica Project: Work on librda.
    1. add GObject introspection support
    2. several minor fixes
    3. communicate new version with MATE maintainers
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: ayatana-ido 0.4.4-1~bpo9+1.
  • IfI: Continue upgrade of host ARWEN (16.04 → 18.04).
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade X2Go Thinclient chroot to Debian 9.
  • PS-IfI: „Dienstreiseantrag“ for X2Go Gathering 2018 issued.
  • Self-Training: Learn better how to use mutt.

2018-10-29 (mga)

  • IfI: Finish intermediate upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 on host ARWEN.
  • IfI: Begin upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 on host ARWEN.
  • PS-IfI:
  • Debian (+ IfI): Upload to unstable: tigervnc 1.9.0+dfsg-2 (sponsored upload).
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-icon-theme 1.20.2-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-tweak 18.10.2-1.
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: smarty-gettext 1.6.0-1.
  • PS-IfI: jour fixe
  • PS-IfI: Network hiccup IfI.
  • Ayatana Indicators Transition: Coach Alessio Garzi on clipit package patch.
  • Debian: Handle (i.e. close and reassign to cmake-extras) #912075.

2018-10-26 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Change UPS battery in PS-IfI server rack.
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: fusiondirectory 1.2.2-4 (closing 1 RC bug).
  • Debian: Investigate deprecation of g_type_class_add_private() API in Glib >= 2.58.
  • PS-IfI: Discuss notebook order with thamm@uv.
  • PS-IfI: Order Lenovo X1 docking station for fte@ifi
  • IfI: Continue upgrading host ARWEN.

===== 2018-10-24 (mga) ===== (from $HOME)

2018-10-23 (mga)

  • Debian: Upload to unstable: tinyproxy 1.10.0-2.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: cmake-extras 1.3+17.04.20170310-5. Really fix RC bug #910935.
  • Arctica: Merge pull request #722.
  • Arctica: Update key expiry of arctica-builder account on host CHEVALBLANC.
  • IfI: Continue upgrading exam host ARWEN.

2018-10-22 (mga)

2018-09-26 (mga)

  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Finalize patch for CVE-===== 2018-16831 (smarty3) for Debian stable (aka stretch). (Pending upstream review).
  • PS-IfI: Order replacement battery for server rack UPS unit.
  • PS-IfI: Reboot CANON and LATOURS, recover VMs on LAGUNE.
  • PS-IfI: Check autofs availablity on PS-IfI machines after server core reboot.

2018-09-25 (mga)

  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Work on CVE-===== 2018-16831 (smarty3) for Debian stable (aka stretch).
  • Debian (* PS-IfI): Test FusionDirectory in stable with latest smarty3 upstream version (test failed, some form fields would not appear…).
  • PS-IfI: More discussion / quoting regarding notebook for mras@ifi.
  • Debian: Coach Alessio Garzia on how to port software from Ubuntu AppIndicator to Ayatana AppIndicator.
  • Debian: Arrange coordination meeting with Martin Wimpress from Ubuntu MATE

2018-09-24 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: FlashPlayer for Firefox (>= 60). Fix available. (apt install flashplayer-mozilla from Debian Multimedia)
  • Debian: Replace bundled Javascript code in OpenBoard by Debian-packages libjs-* libraries.
  • Debian: Coach Alessio Garzia on how to port software from Ubuntu AppIndicator to Ayatana AppIndicator.

2018-09-21 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Research about server rack thermo sensor.
  • PS-IfI: Deploy Debian testing based staff monitor display.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-dock-applet 0.87-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libdbusmenu 18.10.20180917~bzr490+repack1-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: zypper 1.14.11-1.
  • Debian: Work on packaging OpenBoard for Debian.

2018-09-19 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Support fhu@ifi with his broken Thunderbird profile.
  • PS-IfI: Discuss notebook quotes with mras@ifi.
  • Research: Find out what's the hype about Mastodon.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: properties-cpp 0.0.1~bzr17+repack1-3.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: python-x2go
  • X2Go: Upstream release of pyhoca-cli
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: pyhoca-cli

2018-09-17 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Request quotes for Lenovo ThinkPad T480s (mras@ifi).
    1. Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH
    2. Kiel-Consulting
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: smarty3 3.1.33+20180830.1.3a78a21f+selfpack1-1.
    1. resolves CVE-===== 2018-16831
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-screensaver 1.20.2-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libzypp 17.7.0-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable (as NEW): debian-edu-artwork-legacy 0180909-1.
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Investigate fix for CVE-===== 2018-16831 (smarty3) for Debian stable (FusionDirectory is based on the smarty3 PHP template rendering engine).
    1. Impossible. Spaghetti code and 15+ patches required at least. Proposing upload of latest upstream to stretch-security.

2018-09-14 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Package upgrades on Curry DEB build env chroots.
  • Arctica Project: Package upgrades on Arctica DEB build env chroots.
  • PS-IfI: Create Jenkins account for mh@ifi.
  • PS-IfI: Install and configure Postfix MTA on host LYNCH (aka Jenkins)
  • X2Go: Bug triaging and fixing of some. Continue work on API documentation.

2018-09-12 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Reconfigure /opt directories on LEPIN.
  • PS-IfI: Grant sudo access to mras@ifi on GISCOURS.
  • X2Go: Work on writing API documentation of X2Go Session Broker.

2018-09-10 (mga)

2018-09-07 (mga)

  • X2Go: Add API documentation to Python modules in X2Go Session Broker.
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade monitor display to Debian testing (for correctly isplaying colored fonts.
  • PS-IfI: Research on performance boost of NBD diskless machines compared to NFS based diskless machines.

2018-09-06 (mga)

  • X2Go: Finalize API documentation of Python X2Go
  • X2Go: Release Python X2Go (Now with Python3 support).
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: python-x2go

2018-09-05 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Fix missing homes on SIRAN and LEPIN.

2018-09-04 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Bring up Jenkins again (LYNCH).
  • PS-IfI: Tag LYNCH VM with „autostart“.
  • (Debian: Upload to unstable: tinyproxy 1.10.0-1).

2018-09-03 (mga)

  • Debian: Start working on massive tinyproxy bug squashing. Targetting Debian upload 1.10.0-1.
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: fusiondirectory 1.2.2-3.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: vala-panel-appmenu 0.7.1+dfsg1-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: appmenu-registrar 0.7.1-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libsolv 0.6.35-2.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libbssolv-perl 0.14-1 and regression fix 0.14-2.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: appmenu-gtk-module 0.7.1-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libnet-sftp-sftpserver-perl.
  • PS-IfI: Reboot CANON (and its VMs).

2018-08-31 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Provide new credentials for Jenkins to jrt@ifi.
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: fusiondirectory 1.2.2-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libzypp 17.6.3-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: zypper 1.14.9-1.
  • Debian: File CDBS bug #907671.
  • Debian: Fix meta info of bug #855533 (mate-dock-applet). Not an issue in Debian stretch.
  • PS-IfI: Set currygle Git repository from „private“ to „public“.
  • Debian (+ PS-IfI): Upload to unstable: fusiondirectory 1.2.2-2. Really abort upgrade after declined upgrade warning.

2018-08-29 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Failed attempt at getting emojis correctly shown on staff monitor display.
  • Debian: Communicate with Debian printing team about dysfunctional tea4cups Git repo on
  • PS-IfI: Get Jenkins service up-and-running on LYNCH. The host runs the WebUI / Manager only and delegates builds to CHEVALBLANC and PORTY (Curry-DEBs) and SIRAN (curry-tests on Debian jessie.
  • PS-IfI: Add new node for testing Curry related projects on a Debian stretch system: LEPIN (4 queue runners)

2018-08-27 (mga)

  • Debian: Fine-tune FusionDirectory debconf templates.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: vala-panel 0.4.61+repack1-1.
  • PS-IfI: Deploy Curr(y)gle 0.3.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: guake-indicator 1.4-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: coccinalla 0.96.20-9.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: caja-eiciel 1.20.0-1~bpo9+1.

2018-08-25 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Check server infrastructure, esp. MEDOC and LASCOMBES (client). LASCOMBES was causing heavy network I/O on NFS server / client related network ports.

2018-08-24 (mga)

  • Debian: Upload to unstable: smary-validate 3.0.3-4.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libpoe-component-schedule-perl 0.95-3.
  • Help track down an issue in the ldap syncer code.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Prepare upload to unstable fusiondirectory 1.2.1-1 (finalized and uploaded at home).

2018-08-22 (mga)

2018-08-20 (mga)

  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-dock-applet 0.86-2. Closing #855533 [RC].
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: uif 1.1.9-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: libsolv 0.6.35-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-panel 1.20.3-1.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-themes 3.22.18-1.
  • Debian: Attempt new upstream release of libzypp 17.6.1 → FTBFS.
  • Debian: Attempt new upstream release of caja-eiciel 1.20.0 → FTBFS.
  • Debian: Become channel op of the #debian-ayatana IRC channel.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-pu: ldap2zone 0.2-9+deb9u1.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: pakcs 2.0.1-2.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-base 1.0.0-3.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-frontend 1.0.1-3.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-libs 2.0.1-2.
  • PS-IfI (+ Debian): Upload to unstable: curry-tools 2.0.1-2.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: ayatana-indicator-power 2.0.93-3~bpo9+1.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: ayatana-indicator-session 0.4.2-2~bpo9+1
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: gosa 2.7.4+reloaded3-6~bpo9+1.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: libayatana-appindicator 0.5.3-4~bpo9+1.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: libayatana-indicator 0.6.2-2~bpo9+1.

2018-08-17 (mga)

  • Debian: Upload to unstable: smarty-lexer gosa 2.7.4+reloaded3-6.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: argonaut 1.2-1
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: lightdm-autologin-greeter 1.0-3.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: credential-sheets 0.0.3-3.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: gosa-plugin-pwreset 0.99.5-2.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: gosa-plugin-netgroups 0.2-1.
  • PS-IfI: Move Prof. Dr. Berghammers workstation to cap4-r1109.
  • FLOSS: Coach upstream maintainer of guake-indicator to improve his little software project.

2018-08-15 (mga)

  • Debian: Comment on preparation efforts to bring Unity8 to Debian
  • PS-IfI: Deploy Curr(y)gle 0.2.1.
  • PS-IfI: Shutdown exam host ARWEN (+ comm to Technik-Service)
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: standardskriver 0.0.3-2.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: gosa 2.7.4+reloaded3-6.
  • Debian: Prepare upload to stretch-bpo: gosa 2.7.4+reloaded3-6~bpo9+1.
  • GOsa² upstream: Submit various Debian patches upstream.

2018-08-13 (mga)

  • Debian: Work on Ayatana Indicators transition in Debian
    1. patch lightdm-gtk-greeter (#906026)
    2. patch kupfer (#906043)
    3. (for now no patch) for guake-indicator (#906046)
    4. patch blueman ()
  • PS-IfI: Help Marius with „Mitarbeiter-Monitor“
    1. install font package
    2. update app URL on corridor display system
  • X2Go: Discuss bugs in X2Go Broker on IRC and give feedback.

VAC (2 weeks)

  • Two weeks in Sweden

2018-07-25 (mga)

  • Debian: Upload nodm 0.13-2 to unstable.
  • Debian: Work on X2Go Server bugs #904519 [RC] and #904515 [RC].
  • PS-IfI: Deploy Curr(y)gle 0.2.0.

2018-07-23 (mga)

2018-07-20 (mga)

  • Debian: Prepare MATE 1.20 stretch-backports for bundle upload.
  • PS-IfI: More work on Jenkins migration.

2018-07-18 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Migrate Jenkins service to new VM LYNCH (hosted on LAGUNE).
  • PS-IfI: Certificate signing request for LYNCH.
  • Debian: Upload e2guardian 5.1-1 to unstable.

2018-07-16 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Renew SSL certificate on ISSAN (GitLab).

===== 2018-10-11.

  • Debian: Upload libdbusmenu 16.04.1+18.04.20171206-1 to unstable.
  • PS-IfI: Restart cups-browsed on MORGON and enable it at boot time.
  • PS-IfI: Process Amazon order for Prof. Dr. Renz on request by up@ifi.
  • PS-IfI: Security upgrades on host ARWEN, perpare for computer aided exams (on request by fhu@ifi).

2018-07-13 (mga)

  • on sick leave…

2018-07-11 (mga)

  • on sick leave…

2018-07-09 (mga)

  • on sick leave…

2018-07-06 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Certificate signing request for host ISSAN (GitLab) sent to CAU RZ.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-power-manager (1.20.2-1) to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-screensaver (1.20.1-1) to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-sensors-applet (1.20.2-1) to unstable.
  • PS-IfI: Another, rather lengthy code, review for Curr(y)gle.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-session-manager (1.20.1-2) to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-settings-daemon (1.20.3-1) to unstable.

2018-07-05 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: More work on KORSIKA RAID migration.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-themes 3.22.17-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload atril 1.20.2-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload eom 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload caja 1.20.2-5 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload caja-extensions 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload engrampa 1.20.2-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload libmatekbd 1.20.2-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload libmatemixer 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload libmateweather 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload marco 1.20.2-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-applets 1.20.2-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-backgrounds 1.20.0-2 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-calc 1.20.2-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-common 1.20.0-2 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-control-center 1.20.3-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-desktop 1.20.3-1 to unstable.
  • PS-IfI: Recommissioning of host KORSIKA, on Linux-Software-RAID with 2 new HDDs.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-icon-theme 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-indicator-applet 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-media 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-menus 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Fix #873526 in mate-desktop-environment-extras.
  • Debian MATE: Fix #809742 in src:mate-desktop.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-netbook 1.20.1-1 to unstable.
  • Debian MATE: Upload mate-notification-daemon 1.20.1-1 to


2018-07-03 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Another Curr(y)gle code review.
  • PS-IfI: Mail communication with admin@ifi, mras@ifi.

2017-07-02 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Fix user profile fhu@ifi that got borked after Debian 9 upgrade.
  • PS-IfI: Communication / feedback Curr(y)gle.
  • PS-IfI: Continue data migration KORSIKA.

2018-06-29 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Upgrade MROGON (fhu@ifi) to Debian 9.
  • PS-IfI: Pick up replacement HDDs for KORSIKA (rub@ifi) from hardware dealer
  • PS-IfI: Replace old HDDs (first disk for now) with new 24/7 HDDs.
  • PS-IfI: Analyze failing hardware RAID resync. Caused by different HDD geometry.
  • PS-IfI: Convert KORSIKA's Promise controller based RAID to Linux Kernel Soft-RAID.
  • OGON: Communicate new librda project to Ogon Project maintainers via IRC and receive feedback on how to recognize and control an Ogon RDP session.
  • PS-IfI: Inform rub@ifi about migration status of KORSIKA's RAID (still copying files when I left CAP-4 in the afternoon).
  • PS-IfI: Finish MORGON upgrade from home. Inform fhu@ifi.

2018-06-27 (mga)

2018-06-25 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Server starts (CANON and LATOUR failed 23nd Jun around 01:30am.
  • PS-IfI: Running server diagnostics.
    1. No global power failure.
    2. Possibly some power hiccups (at least around 02:30am, switch disconnected)
    3. Maybe temperature problem (wild guess).
  • PS-IfI: Reconstruct RAIDs (sda+sdb) on LATOUR. We need to observe /dev/sdb for future failures.
  • Debian: Fix FTBFS of x2goclient on Debian GNU/Hurd and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade GitLab to 11.0.0 (on ISSAN).
  • PS-IfI: Reinstate Icinga2 monitoring (on LISTRAC).
  • PS-IfI: New monitoring hosts: LAGUNE, LEPIN, LASCOMBES.
  • PS-IfI: Fix various service problems caught by Icinga2.
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade Linux kernel and qemu/KVM on LAGUNE. Reboot.
  • PS-IfI: Monitoring temperature sensors with Icinga2 (unfinished).

2018-06-22 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Planning Curr(y)gle deployment (with sad@ifi) and replacing ruby deployment workflow by make install target.
  • PS-IfI: Move samoffice printer to e-trash storage area.
  • PS-IfI: Move host KORSIKA (rub@ifi) to r710.
  • PS-IfI: Try to get KORSIKA online (with tr@ifi): SUCCESS
  • PS-IfI: Communicate S.M.A.R.T. Errors reported by RAID-Controller for the second HDD to rub@ifi.
  • PS-IfI: Communicate with rub@ifi, new HDDs for 24/7 usage ordered at Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH.
  • PS-IfI: New release of psifi-workstation: 2018.06.22.1. First version that includes psifi-dev bin:pkg.
  • PS-IfI: Fix missing packages and en_US.UTF-8 locale on LEPIN.
  • Debian: New Member Process, Review T&S part1 of one of my applicants and send feedback.

2018-06-20 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Communication with sad about Ruby-on-Rails applications that lack security maintenance
  • Debian: MATE stretch-backports
  • PS-IfI: Office printer → re-route fax to printer room, enable fax functionality in hpcmh (discussed with tr@ifi)
    1. tr@ifi handles the fax line re-routing
  • PS-IfI: Software Installation LEPIN (terminal server)
  • PS-IfI: Configuration LEPIN
  • PS-IfI: Testing LEPIN
  • PS-IfI: Announce LEPIN

2018-06-18 (mga)

  • IfI: Communication of the institute's mail server problem and providing debugging information from a campus external MTA.
  • PS-IfI: Basic installation of lepin (new Debian 9 terminal server)
  • PS-IfI: Deployment re-thinking for Curr(y)gle

2018-06-15 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Exchange Shell and Login wisdom with mras
    1. When does .profile get loaded???
    2. And when not…?
    3. And why is that?
    4. this is worth a blog post…
  • PS-IfI: Exchange with tr@ifi about all-in-one printer models
  • PS-IfI: Fix connectivity of PAUILLAC and POMEROL (with help of tr@ifi)
  • PS-IfI: Research possibilities of resetting Samsung CLX4195FW to factory defaults
  • Debian MATE: ping Martin Wimpress about coordination
  • PS-IfI: Remove telephone from r711 (plug had been ripped abort)
  • GitLab: experiment with an Omnibus GitLab instance served via Apache2 (not Nginx)
  • sunweaver: Manual backup-run $HOME on notebook
  • PS-IfI: host PAUILLAC (r711 right): switches off on heavy CPU load, mainboard broken
  • PS-IfI: host POMEROL (r711 left): grainy video output (GCard broken?)
  • PS-IfI: generic user „masala“ created in LDAP, Apache2 on GISCOURS adapted in order to allow public_html/ folders in homes physically stored on GISCOURS.
  • PS-IfI: Communicate Apache2 / iLearn error messages (many!) to jrt@ifi.

2018-06-13 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Upgrade host DAUZAC (jrt) to Debian 9
  • PS-IfI: Fix/finish upgrade to Debian 9 on host LISTRAC
  • PS-IfI: Coaching mras regarding CGI scripts for Masala project
  • PS-IfI: Coaching mras regarding ssh-agent usage
  • PS-IfI: Network socket configuration r711
  • PS-IfI: Upgrade hosts POMEROL und PAUILLAC (unfinished)
  • PS-IfI: Communication regarding office printer quotes
  • PS-IfI: New GitLab Accounts (external) for

staff created (jessica.schaeffer, kevin.gross)

2018-06-11 (mga)

  • Debian: MATE package maintenance:
    1. Alioth deprectation mass commits
    2. Fix mate-indicator-applet RC bug
    3. Coordinate mate-indicator-upload with Ubuntu MATE maintainers (upload postponed)
  • Debian: upload to unstable: zypper 1.14.6-1
  • PS-IfI: office multi-functional printer: display only shows vendor logo „Samsung“
    1. Firmware upgrade attempt – failed
    2. Asked for new office printer quotes (LOGO, Bielke)
    1. initial patch introspection
    2. communication
  • PS-IfI: medoc:/home/<generic-user>/debian-08-amd64 → amd64 (now relative symlinks, not absolute symlinks)
  • PS-IfI: GitLab Upgrade (host: issan): 10.8.4-ce.0
  • PS-IfI: GitLab Sign-In Text restored (was gone already before upgrade): Copy of test under issan:/etc/gitlab/
  • PS-IfI: Checking GitLab Backup Creation. (Works ok).
  • Arctica:
    1. nx-libs - Rebase PR branch pr/xserver-xkb-cleanup
  • Debian: upload to jessie-backports: python-pampy 1.8.2-1+deb9u1~bpo8+1
  • Debian: upload to unstable: python-pampy 1.8.3-1
  • PS-IfI: firefox-cache2tmp Funktions-Tests.
  • Debian: upload to unstable: schema2ldif (1.3-2).
  • Debian: upload to unstable: libpoe-component-server-jsonrpc-perl (0.06-1).

2018-06-08 (mga)

  • PS-IfI: Rechnungen Amazon-Bestellungen angefordert und im Büro hinterlegt
  • PS-IfI: Datenschutzbedenken
  • PS-IfI: Firewall-Aktivierung
    1. zunächst nur CAU-weit
  • Debian: upstream metadata (DEP-12) for MATE packages (chat with upstream)
  • PS-IfI: Symlinking /opt Verzeichnisse jetzt OS und RELEASE basiert: ~<user>/<os>-<release>-<arch> → /opt/<user>
  • PS-IfI: / (MEDOC) geleert (99% full) → /opt/wif-display moved to /home/_NO-BACKUP_ (wif-display is deprecated, superceded by /opt/wif2-display.
  • PS-IfI: „Entinventarisierung“
  • Debian: Fix panel usage in MATE Desktop Environment for blind people
    1. staged for upload to unstable
  • Debian: New project (upstream/down): firefox-cache2tmp
    1. speed up Firefox caching when $HOME is on a network file system (not finished)

2018-06-06 (mga)

2018-06-04 (mga)

  • PS-IfI. Wif2 Display PXE chroot
  • PS-IfI / Debian: Surf 2.0: test backportability to stretch-backports
  • Debian: AM Mailing
  • PS-IfI: Debian 9 Upgrades: mouton, palmer
  • PS-IfI: X2Go Broker setup (upgrade, loadchecker tests)

2013-08-26 (bjp)

  • giscours: Pakete aktualisiert, Pakete mate-archive-keyring und deb-multimedia-keyring nachinstalliert

2013-06-20 (bjp)

  • Aufgrund massiver Drucker-Probleme hat Ina Pfannschmidt uns angeboten einzelne Dokumente auf hpip zu drucken. Ich habe den Drucker daraufhin in CUPS eingerichtet.

2013-06-13 (bjp)

  • Nach einem Update der Pakete auf siran konnte Jenkins die Ruby-Projekte nicht mehr laden. Ich habe einen Bugreport erstellt und das jenkins-Paket manuell auf Version 1.517 herabgestuft (neudeutsch: downgegraded).

2013-03-12 (bjp)

  • Auf lynch mongodb aus dem Debianrepository deinstalliert und Version aus dem Entwicklerrepository installiert (Version 1.4.4 → 2.3.3)

2013-02-14 (bjp)

  • Diverse Sicherheitsupdates
    • Errbit
    • iLearn
    • Prüfungsanmeldung
    • Redmine

2012-10-31 (bjp)

2012-10-25 (mga)

  • Einbindung Backupserver via AutoFS

2012-10-05 (mga+bjp)

  • Migration iLearn home → LYNCH
  • Kile + xfig → als Dependency zu psifi-workstation Paket hinzugefügt
  • dpkg-reconfigure psifi-netclientconfig auf allen Systemen (/opt-Links aktualisiert)
  • Upgrade aller Rechner auf Debian 6.0.6 (zzgl. squeeze-backports)

2012-10-04 (mga)

  • Recherche Beschaffungen

2012-09-13 (mga)

  • Fix Virtualbox auf LAFON
  • Rechnerbau/reparatur LASCOMBES (f. Lars Prädel)
  • Installation LASCOMBES
  • Upgrade CLIMENS

2012-09-10 (mga)

  • Upgrade LAFON

2012-09-03 (mga)

  • Upgrade LUSSAC
  • Studi-Lab geprüft, Upgrades auf BELAIR, BELGRAVE, PAUILLAC
  • Upgrade SIRAN

2012-08-23 (mga)

  • E-Schrott (Monitore), Zimmer aufräumen

2012-08-16 (mga)

  • Erweiterung psifi-workstation Paket (Software-Empfehlungen von Michael Hanus eingepflegt)
  • Rollout der psifi-* Pakete auf allen Rechnern der Arbeitsgruppe
  • Virtualbox auf LAFON nach Kernel-Upgrade wieder zum Fliegen gebracht
  • FIGEAC wg. wiederholter Abstürze aus dem Studi-Arbeitsraum entfernt (Diagnose: defekte Gcard od. defektes Mainboard)

2012-08-06 (mga)

  • Test-Rollout der psifi-* Pakete auf: SIRAN, CLIMENS, PALMER, POMEROL, LUSSAC
  • Veraltete Wiki-Seiten im Bereich ,,Projekte„ entfernt
  • Software-Installation auf MOUTON (via psifi-workstations Paket)
  • Schreibzugriff auf Git-Repositories im Projekt Packaging für Gruppe ps-ma erteilt

2012-07-27 (mga)

  • Repository: psifi-netclientconfig (für Paket psifi-netclientconfig) → bereit zum Testen
  • Funktionen von psifi-netclientconfig:
    • Paketabhängigkeiten für LDAP/Kerberos
    • APT-Quellen aktualisieren

2012-07-26 (mga)

  • Paket: psifi-workstation bereit zum Testeinsatz auf MOUTON
  • Neues Repository im Git-Projekt ,,Packaging“:
    • Repository: psifi-netclientconfig (für Paket psifi-netclientconfig) → Paketentwurf

2012-07-24 (mga)

  • Einrichtung eines APT Paketarchivs für Produktionsbetrieb
    deb squeeze main
    deb squeeze-backports main
  • Einrichtung eines APT Paketarchivs für Paket-Tests
    deb squeeze-test main
    deb squeeze-backports-test main
  • Erstellung Git-Projekt ,,Packaging„
    • Repository: psifi-keyring (für Paket psifi-keyring) → Paket fertiggestellt
    • Repository: psifi-workstation (für Paket psifi-workstation) → Paket in prep.

2012-07-23 (mga)

  • Basisinstallation MOUTON (Debian squeeze amd64)

2012-07-03 (mga)

  • X2Go Client-Side Printing Bug gefixt, Paket-Upgrades auf allen (erreichbaren) Systemen

2012-07-02 (mga)

  • Updates POMEROL, BELAIR, FIGEAC (unvollständig)
  • USB-Drive Unmounting via X2Go gefixt
  • X2Go Server Upgrades auf allen Systemen

2012-06-28 (mga)

  • Git auf MARGAUX: Startskripte repariert und nach Upstream geschickt
  • LYNCH Reboot: 1024mb → 2048mb
  • Upgrade FusionDirectory (→ 1.0.3, auf MEDOC)

2012-05-14 (mga)

  • Git-Mirror auf LYNCH, jetzt auch für private Projekte und Repositories
  • MARGAUX Reboot: 512mb → 1024mb
  • SIRAN Reboot: 4096mb → 2048mb
  • globale sudo-Rechte auf allen Maschinen für User ,,bjp“

2012-05-07 (mga)

  • Gitorious-Upgrade: Private Repositories sind jetzt möglich.

2012-04-27 (mga)

  • Wegweiser-Tool für Jane-Marie Eitzen bereit gestellt.
  • Automatischer Git-Mirror f. Redmine-Einbindung von Projektarchiven unter lynch:/srv/git/mirrors erstellt.

2012-04-23 (mga)

  • FIGEAC: Lüftertausch und Debian Paket-Upgrades. Bei Paket-Upgrades ist der Rechner abgestürzt und musste neu gestartet werden. Evlt. ebenfalls Mainboard defekt??? Nach Reboot wurde das Paket-Upgrade erfolgreich beendet.
  • Anbindung von Redmine an LDAP.
  • Student/innen können jetzt wieder via FusionDirectory ihre Kennwörter ändern.
  • Recherche bezgl. SASL, Kerberos, LDAP und FusionDirectory. Ziel: LDAP-Authentifizierung via SASL an Kerberos, Entfallen des LDAP-Attributes userPassword. Leider erfolglos, auch nach Kontakt zu GOsa-Entwickler.

2012-04-20 (bjp)

2012-04-13 (mga)

  • Root-CA für PS-IfI erstellt, Zertifikate für MEDOC, LYNCH, MARGAUX erstellt.
  • TLS/SSL-Support für LDAP-Server auf MEDOC nachgerüstet.
  • https-Support für MARGAUX eingerichtet.
  • SVN Zugriff auf repariert.
  • Basisinstallation von Gitorious abgeschlossen, jetzt folgt das Fine-Tuning…
  • Neue Studenten in FusionDirectory erstellt, Bug-Report an FD-Projekt gesendet:

2012-04-03 (mga)

  • Bereitstellung der Software scala (v2.9.1) auf SIRAN. Backport-Pakete erstellt aus Sources in Debian SID.
  • PulseAudio-Support nachinstalliert auf SIRAN.

2012-04-03 (mga+bjp)

  • von einem 32bit Debian squeeze in /usr/lib32/ auf SIRAN kopiert und dadurch 32bit ghc-Installationen unter /opt/ghc auf SIRAN wieder lauffähig gemacht. A dirty dirty hack…

2012-03-19 (mga)

  • Wieder-Inbetriebnahme des PS-AdminWikis, Aenderungen seitdem…
    • Neuer Server (19„, 1HE) in Betrieb genommen, Einsatz von Virtualisierung (KVM)
    • canon → Virtualisierungs-Host (Debian squeeze)
    • medoc → VM, Fileserver (Debian squeeze)
    • siran → VM, Terminal-Server (X2Go, Debian squeeze-backports)
    • lynch → VM, Webserver (Debian squeeze)
    • FusionDirectory als LDAP-Frontend bereitgestellt (User-Verwaltung, Host-Verwaltung)
    • Datensicherung von medoc:/home bei IfI-RBG
    • Datensicherung von medoc:/srv bei IfI-RBG
    • Homes unter /net/<host>/home/<uid>
    • to be continued…


  • lynch: Apache2 Konfiguration : mit .htaccess die Indexierung der Verzeichnisse erlauben.
    • in /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.conf: AllowOverride Options miteingefügt.
    • in .htaccess Options +Indexes setzen, damit die Verzeichnisse gelistet werden.


  • lafleur defekte Festplatte durch 80 GB Festplatte ersetzt, und Neuinstalliert


  • latour: dhcpd: in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf default-lease-time auf 24 Stunden hochgesetzt
  • 1. USB-Backupplatte: Filecheck mit e2fsck -y /dev/sda1 @pichon



  • Sicherheitsupdates eingespielt


  • hplocal: Plugin/Firmware mit hp-plugin -i nachgeladen, damit wieder gedruckt werden kann.


  • metche: auf allen Debian-Installationen deaktiviert


  • 5m USB-Kabel bei Logo EDV Systeme gekauft, für HP Officejet 6310 an medoc (Raum R707), altes Kabel defekt
  • Druckertest lief ohne Probleme
  • Scanner: der Scanner wird von den beiden Programmen: xsane und kooka erkannt.
    • Problem : Vorlage wird komplet eingelesen, aber verkleinert mit weißem Rand dargestellt


  • Auf www-ps(lynch) mod_passenger (mod_rails) eingerichtet


  • SSH-Hostkeys erneuert
  • Mailadresse www-data in /etc/postfix/sender_canonical eingetragen


  • svn auf belair gefixt
Hallo Bernd,

da es wieder jemand geschafft hatte, das svn zu zerschiessen, habe ich
auf belair /usr/bin/svn in /usr/bin/svn.real umbenannt und
/usr/local/bin/svn nach /usr/bin/svn verschoben und entsprechend angepasst. (mit dpkg-divert)



  • pichon: Debian installiert


  • belair: installed packages: devscripts devscripts-el mc
  • belair: Pakete installiert: cdbs alien fakeroot
  • belair: xpdf installiert
  • lsacombes: Sandkasten angelegt
  • lascombes: Dokuwiki-Logger (/root/bin/dwlog)
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