Uploaded at Apr 1 12:05:21 2020 (UTC)

Curry Package verify

curry-verify - A Tool to Support the Verification of Curry Programs

This package contains the tool curry-verify that supports the verification of Curry programs with the help of other theorem provers or proof assistants. Currently, only Agda is supported as a target language for verification (but more target languages may be supported in future releases).

Installing the tool

The tool can be directly installed by the command

> cpm installbin verify

This installs the executable curry-verify in the bin directory of CPM.

Using the tool

If the bin directory of CPM (default: ~/.cpm/bin) is in your path, execute the tool with the module containing properties to be verified, e.g.,

> curry-verify -t agda -s choice Double


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout verify 0.0.2
Package source:
verify-0.0.2.tar.gz [browse]
Source repository: