Curry Package stylechecker

stylechecker: A tool to check the formatting style of Curry programs

This package contains the implementation of a tool to check the formatting style of a valid Curry program according to the Curry Style Guide. The style aspects checked by this tool contain formatting (indentation) rules, avoiding long lines, tailing spaces, etc.


If you have downloaded this package, execute

> cypm install

to install the executable curry-stylecheck in the package binary directory (HOME/.cpm/bin).


The style checker uses a default configuration, but you can define your own configuration by putting standard values in a file .currystylecheckrc (see below for its format). This file must be in the current working directory or in the user's home directory. A file found in the current working directory will be preferred.

To check a program, go into the directory containing the program and execute

> curry-stylecheck <module_names>

If you want to check source programs which are part of a package, execute

> cypm exec curry-stylecheck <module_names>

The possible options for this command are:

Set the verbosity level:

-v <level>

with the following values:

  • 0: quiet (show only style warnings with their positions)
  • 1: default (show module name, source code regions, and hints)
  • 2: verbose (show also info and warning messages)
  • 3: debug (show also all options)

Set the output format:

-o <type>

Possible value are

  • TEXT (default): human-readable messages
  • JSON: to be used by a linter

Ignore or add default checks:

-i <check>
-a <check>

With this option one can ignore or add individual checks independent of the default configuration.

On can set these options also in the file .currystylecheckrc. There, a check is turned on if its values is 1 and it is turned off if its values is 0. The following code shows a possible configuration (the default configuration can be found in config/currystylecheckrc):

-- configuration for style-check tool

-- maximal length allowed for a line
maxLineLength = 80

-- output type
oType = JSON

-- level of verbosity,
-- 0 quiet (warning only)
-- 1 (default, show: modul, hints, code)
-- 2 (verbose, show infos and warnings)
-- 3 show all options
verbosity = 1

-- output
hints = 1
code  = 1

-- src checks
lineLength          = 0
tabs                = 1
trailingSpaces      = 1
whiteSpaces         = 1

-- indent and alignment
ifThenElse    = 1
case          = 1
do            = 1
let           = 1
guard         = 1
functionRhs   = 1
moduleHeader  = 1
imports       = 1
data          = 1
list          = 1
deriving      = 1
class         = 1
instance      = 1

-- top level declarations
signatures    = 0
blankLines    = 0

-- superfluous/bad code

equalstrue        = 1
thentrueelsefalse = 1

notEqual          = 1
notOrd            = 1

equalsEmptyList   = 1
andOr             = 1

identFunc         = 1
constFunc         = 1


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout stylechecker 1.0.0
Package source:
stylechecker-1.0.0.tar.gz [browse]
Source repository: