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Curry Package smtlib

smtlib: Implementation of the SMT-LIB standard for Curry

SMT-LIB is a common standard for interacting with SMT solvers. This package contains libraries to deal with SMT-LIB scripts, i.e., the input and output language of SMT solvers. The libraries provided by this package implement Version 2.6 of the SMT-LIB Standard (http://smtlib.cs.uiowa.edu/papers/smt-lib-reference-v2.6-r2017-07-18.pdf).

The package currently includes:

  • Language.SMTLIB.Files: This module provides file operations for SMT-LIB scripts.

  • Language.SMTLIB.Goodies: This module provides smart constructors and some useful auxiliary functions for SMT-LIB data terms.

  • Language.SMTLIB.Parser: This module provides a parser generating SMT-LIB data terms from string representations of SMT-LIB scripts. Currently, there is only support for parsing a subset of SMT-LIB, namely command responses.

  • Language.SMTLIB.Pretty: This module provides a pretty-printers for abstract representations of SMT-LIB scripts and all substructures.

  • Language.SMTLIB.Scanner: This module provides a simple scanner for SMT-LIB scripts.

  • Language.SMTLIB.Types: This module defines data types to represent SMT-LIB scripts in Curry.

  • Language.SMTLIB: This module bundles most of the functionality provided by the specific libraries mentioned above.

  • ParserComb: This module provides some common parser combinators which are used in the implementation of the SMT-LIB parser. In the future, this module should be moved to a separate package.


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