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Curry Package flatcurry


This package contains libraries to deal with FlatCurry programs. Currently, it contains the following modules:

  • FlatCurry.Compact: This module contains operations to reduce the size of FlatCurry programs by combining the main module and all imports into a single program that contains only the functions directly or indirectly called from a set of main functions.
  • FlatCurry.Files: This module defines operations to read and write FlatCurry programs.
  • FlatCurry.FlexRigid: provides a function to compute the rigid/flex status of a FlatCurry expression (right-hand side of a function definition).
  • FlatCurry.Goodies: This library provides selector functions, test and update operations as well as some useful auxiliary functions for FlatCurry data terms.
  • FlatCurry.Pretty: This library provides pretty-printers for FlatCurry modules and all substructures (e.g., expressions).
  • FlatCurry.Read: This library defines operations to read FlatCurry programs or interfaces together with all its imported modules in the current load path.
  • FlatCurry.Show: This library contains operations to transform FlatCurry programs into string representations, either in a FlatCurry format or in a Curry-like syntax.
  • FlatCurry.Types: This module defines the data types to represent FlatCurry programs in Curry.
  • FlatCurry.XML: This module contains operations to convert FlatCurry programs into corresponding XML expressions and vice versa. This can be used to store Curry programs in a way independent of a Curry system or to use a Curry system, like PAKCS, as back end by other functional logic programming systems.


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