Uploaded at Apr 1 11:57:59 2020 (UTC)

Curry Package contract-prover


This package contains a tool to optimize contracts in FlatCurry programs by proving contracts with an SMT solver. If the proof is successful, the contract check will be eliminated so that the resulting program will run more efficiently.

A detailed description of the ideas of this tool can be found in the LOPSTR 2017 paper.

The tool is invoked via

> curry-ctopt <Curry module>

This analyzes the FlatCurry code of the module, attempts to prove some contracts (and deletes their check in case of success), and replaces to FlatCurry program by the optimized version. Hence, this call might be integrated into the compilation chain of a Curry system.

The directory examples contains various examples where the contract prover can eliminate all contracts at compile time.


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cypm checkout contract-prover 0.0.1
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contract-prover-0.0.1.tar.gz [browse]
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