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Curry Package clpfd-smt


This package contains libraries for finite domain constraint programming, where an SMT solver is used to solve finite domain constraints.


The operations to define constraints are collected in the library XFD.FD. The actual FD solvers are defined in other libraries (e.g., XFD.Solvers.SMT.Z3). By importing the solver libraries, one could use the interface of the library XFD.FD to specify constraint problems and the solver operations (e.g., solveFD, solveFDAll, solveFDOne) to solve the FD constraint problems with the corresponding solver.

Note that this interface is almost identical to the interface of the (Prolog-based) FD constraint solver library CLP.FD distributed with PAKCS. For instance, to solve FD problems with the SMT solver Z3, one has to import the library XFD.Solvers.SMT.Z3 instead of CLP.FD (provided that Z3 is installed). Similarly, one can import the library XFD.Solvers.SMT.CVC4 to solve FD problems with the SMT solver CVC4.

The directory examples contains various examples to specify FD constraint problems.

Note that these libraries require that the corresponding SMT/SAT solvers are already installed. For instance, the executable z3 must be in your path when you want to use the Z3 solver for FD solving. Alternatively, one could modify the solver configuration in the corresponding Curry modules (e.g, the definition of solverConfig in the module XFD.Solvers.SMT.Z3).


The structure and implementation of these libraries are described in the master's thesis

Implementation of Constraint Solvers for Curry with SMT (in German, by Sven Hüser, CAU Kiel, March 2016)


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