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Curry Package allvalues

allvalues: Encapsulate non-deterministic computations

This package contains the library Control.AllValues which define operations to encapsulate non-deterministic computations so that they can be embedded in purely functional computations, e.g., in I/O computations. The operations returns all values of an expression in a list structure or single value in a Maybe container.

The Curry implementations PAKCS and KiCS2 use an incomplete depth-first search strategy to encapsulate non-determinism, but KiCS2 provides more operators to select the search strategy (see package searchtree). The Curry implementation Curry2Go uses a complete (parallel) search strategy.

The library implements strong encapsulation as discussed in this paper.

The current implementation uses the package searchtree so that it summarizes the most useful operations of that package in a single library.


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