A Play on Regular Expressions (Functional Pearl)

This is joint work with Frank Huch and Thomas Wilke accepted for ICFP’10 [paper,slides].

Thesis defended

Last week, I have successfully defended my thesis by giving a talk, answering questions during a disputation, and passing an examination. If you understand German, you may try to read my handwritten notes that I have prepared prior to the talk. Apart from my thesis and adjacent topics, the examination covered algebras for combinatorial search and free algebraic structures (see german lecture notes).

Thesis submitted

I have submitted my dissertation On Functional Logic Programming and its Application to Testing.

Declarative Programming Overview

I have finished a first draft of an overview on declarative programming. The section on functional programming is almost identical to the version published previously but I have added a section on logic programming features: unbound variables, non-determinism, search, and constraints.

The LP section contains a surprisingly concise solution for the n-queens problem and a lazy implementation of breadth-first search with a circular queue.


FP Overview

I have finished a first draft of a brief overview on functional programming featuring type polymorphism, higher-order functions, lazy evaluation, class-based overloading, and equational reasoning.

comments appreciated!

Reinventing Haskell Backtracking

I have revised my submission to ATPS’09 — a german workshop on programming.

The most important changes are:

  • a simplified implementation of iterative deepening depth-first search and
  • an additional section with experimental results.

There is also an extended one page abstract summarising the work.


Explicit sharing of monadic effects

The paper on Purely Functional Lazy Non-deterministic Programming describes an approach to model lazy functional logic programming in Haskell via explicit sharing of monadic effects. The corresponding project page explains how to install and use our code.