A translater from Curry with Integrated Code to standard Curry

Authors: Max Deppert - made@informatik.uni-kiel.de Jasper Sikorra - jsi@informatik.uni-kiel.de

General usage of the code integrator:

If the pre-processor is installed (see Makefile) as the binary currypp, Curry source files containing integrated code can be translated by running currypp as follows:

currypp <org-filename> <input-file> <output-file> foreigncode [-o]

The parameters are:

Writing files with integrated code:

The basic syntax of integrated code in Curry program looks like

``langtag expression''

Here, langtag is a tag indicating the kind of integrated language, and expression is an expression of this language.

If `` or '' are used in the expression itself, the enclosing accents need to be of higher number than the inner graves, i.e., the following integrated code expression is also allowed:

````langtag expression''''

The number of opening and closing accents must always be identical.

Currently, the following langtag values are supported:

format - printf Syntax printf - same as above (but with an implicit putStr call) regex - Polymorphic regex expressions html - Standard HTML xml - Standard XML sql - SQL syntax

See the examples and source file comments for further details.