This package contains the implementation of the Curry Port Name Server (CPNS) and related libraries.

The CPNS is used to implement libraries which supports network connections over ports with symbolic names.

To implement a connection to a port with symbolic name pn, CPNS (running on the remote machine of pn) is asked to get the physical socket number of this port. In order to connect to CPNS from any machine in the world, the CPNS demon always listens at the port Network.CPNS.cpnsSocket, which is defined as 8769.

The executable curry-cpnsd installed by this package is the CPNS demon. It understands the following commands:

Usually, this is automatically done when a new port is registered.

Usually, this is not necessary...

Exits with error message and status if CPNS demon is not running.

Auxiliary files (locations defined in Network.CPNS.Config):

/tmp/Curry_CPNSD.log : the log file of CPNSD

Required commands:

The implementation uses the following system commands: