WLP2000 - Registration


The registration fee is
DM 200,- for non-members of GLP/ALP or members of GI
DM 180,- for members of GLP/ALP or members of GI
DM 50,- for students
which should be paid at the workshop desk (cash or cheque).

The membership fee of Gesellschaft für Logische Programmierung (GLP) - subgroup of Association for Logic Programming (ALP) - amounts to DM 50,-. You may apply for the membership in GLP together with your registration for the workshop (reduced fee). If you want to register for the workshop, please, send an email to

or a fax to
+49 30 6392 1879
with the following content:

Registration for WLP2000

I want to register for the 15th Workshop Logische Programmierung and Constraint Systems - WLP2000 which will take place during August 25-27, 2000 in Berlin.
< first name, last name >
< adress, email >
The Registration fee at the rate of (please, tick off where applicable)

Prof. Dr.Ulrich Geske   (geske@first.gmd.de)