WLP 2014: Workshop on Logic Programming - Deadline July 10

From: Stefan Brass <stefan.brass_at_informatik.uni-halle.de>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 11:07:47 +0200

              Second CALL FOR PAPERS

       28th Workshop on Logic Programming
                   (WLP 2014)


       Wittenberg, Germany, September 15-17, 2014

    *** Due to several requests, the submission deadline was ***
    *** extended to July 10. ***


The workshops on (constraint) logic programming serve as the scientific
of the annual meeting of the Society of Logic Programming (GLP,
fuer Logische Programmierung e.V."). They bring together researchers
in logic programming, constraint programming, and related areas like
artificial intelligence, and operations research. Previous workshops
have been
held in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Egypt.

Contributions are welcome on all theoretical, experimental, and
application aspects of logic programming (LP) and constraint
programming (CP), including, but not limited to the following areas:

  * foundations of constraint/logic programming
  * constraint solving and optimization
  * extensions: functional logic programming, objects
  * deductive databases, data mining
  * nonmonotonic reasoning
  * dynamics, updates, states, transactions
  * interaction of LP/CP with other formalisms like agents, XML, JAVA
  * program analysis, program transformation, program verification,
    meta programming
  * parallelism and concurrency
  * answer-set programming
  * implementation techniques
  * software techniques and programming support (e.g., types,
    modularity, design patterns, debugging, testing,
    systematic program development).
  * applications of logic programming;
  * Reasoning on the Semantic Web.

The primary focus is on new and original research results but
submissions describing innovative products, prototypes under
development, interesting experiments (e.g., benchmarks) or ongoing
scientific work are also encouraged.

The workshop is held together with the
23rd International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming
(WFLP 2014), see
It will be a joint workshop with separate tracks.

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract (no longer than 15
pages including figures and references) or a system description (no
longer than 6 pages) in PDF or Postscript format (11pt) before
July 10, 2014 via EasyChair

The track (WLP or WFLP) must be selected for the submission.

All submissions must be written in English. Authors are encouraged
to use LaTeX2e and the Springer llncs class file, available at

All submissions must be unpublished original work. However, Work
that already appeared in unpublished or informally published workshops
proceedings may be submitted, too.

All accepted papers will be published in a technical report
and made available electronically.
The possibility of post-conference proceedings together with WFLP
are currently being discussed.

Important Dates
Submission of papers: July 10, 2014
Notification of acceptance: August 04, 2014
Camera-ready papers: September 01, 2014
Early-Registration Deadline: August 15, 2014
Workshop: September 15-17, 2014

Program committee (WLP Track)
Andreas Behrend - Univ. Bonn
Christoph Beierle - Univ. Hagen
Stefan Brass - Univ. Halle
Francois Bry - LMU Muenchen
Juergen Dix - TU Clausthal
Thom Fruehwirth - Univ. Ulm
Michael Hanus - Univ. Kiel
Petra Hofstedt - BTU Cottbus
Michael Leuschel - Univ. Duesseldorf
Rainer Manthey - Univ. Bonn
Dietmar Seipel - Univ. Wuerzburg
Sibylle Schwarz - HTWK Leipzig
Hans Tompits - TU Wien
Armin Wolf - Fraunhofer FOKUS

Programm Chairs
Prof. Dr. Stefan Brass (WLP Track)
     University of Halle
     Institut f. Informatik
     Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
     D-06099 Halle (Saale)
     EMAIL: brass_at_informatik.uni-halle.de
     HTTP: http://users.informatik.uni-halle.de/~brass/

Prof. Dr. Johannes Waldmann (WFLP Track)
     HTWK Leipzig
     Postfach 301166
     D-04251 Leipzig
     HTTP: http://www.imn.htwk-leipzig.de/~waldmann/

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