GLP - Gesellschaft für Logische Programmierung e.V.

Subgroup of the Association for Logic Programming (ALP)

Executive Board

  1. Dietmar Seipel (chair)
  2. Michael Hanus
  3. Sibylle Schwarz

Consulting Commitee (Fachbeirat)

Slim Abdennadher, Christoph Beierle, Stefan Brass, François Bry, Thom Frühwirth, Ulrich Geske (Chair), Steffen Hölldobler, Ulrich John, Hans Tompits, Mario Wenzel, Armin Wolf (and the members of the executive board)

GLP Mailing List

The GLP mailing list is the forum to dicuss all topics related to the GLP, in particular, announcements of conferences and workshops. This list is maintained by Michael Hanus. Requests should be directly addressed to the list maintainer.

Please send contributions to this list to Note that only subscribed members of the mailing list can post contributions to this list.

If you are interested in previous messages distributed via this mailing list, you can look into the GLP mailing list archive.

Forthcoming Events

Past LP and CLP Conferences and Workshops