Submission to WLP 2004

All submissions (papers, system description) to the International Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming (WLP 2004) must be accompanied with some general data about this submission (like authors, title, abstract, contact address etc). Therefore, each submission must be performed in two steps:
  1. Fill out the submission form with the data of your submission. As a result of the registration of your submission via this form, you will get a number for your submission.
  2. Send your paper in PDF or (compressed) Postscript format (remember: extended abstract no longer than 10 pages or system description no longer than 3 pages, 11pt; some general guidelines are available here) via email to with the subject line "WLP Submission n" where n is the number assigned in the previous step to your submission.
You will get informed by email when your submission was successful and your paper can be printed.
Michael Hanus
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