Curry Packages in the CPM Repository

addtypes A tool to add missing type signatures in a Curry program 0.0.1
benchmark-papers A tool to support executable benchmark papers 0.0.1
binint Libraries with a binary representation of natural and integers 0.0.1
boxes A pretty printer for boxes 0.0.2
call-analysis A call-pattern analysis and transformation tool to improve lazy non-deterministic computations 0.0.1
casc A tool to check the formatting style of Curry programs 0.0.1
cass CASS: the Curry Analysis Server System 0.0.1
cass-analysis Libraries with various compile-time analyses for Curry 0.0.4
chr-curry A library to use Constraint Handling Rules in Curry programs 1.0.0
clpbool A library with a constraint solver over the Booleans 0.0.1
clpfd-smt Libraries for finite-domain constraints implemented with SMT/SAT 0.0.1
coosy A tool to observe functional logic computations 1.0.0
cpm Curry Package Manager: a tool to distribute and install Curry libraries and applications 0.2.0
cpm-manage Tools to manage the main repository of the Curry Package Manager 0.0.3
curry2js A compiler for Curry into JavaScript programs used in WUIs. 0.2.0
currybrowse A GUI to browse and analyze the modules of a Curry program 0.5.0
currycheck A tool to support automatic testing of Curry programs 1.0.1
currydoc A documentation generator for Curry 0.8.3
currypp The standard preprocessor of Curry 0.3.1
det-parse Deterministic parser combinators 0.0.1
dsdcurry A tool for declarative software development 1.0.0
ertools Tools for dealing with database applications specified by entity-relationship diagrams 1.0.0
flatcurry-annotated Libraries to represent FlatCurry programs with arbitrary annotations 1.0.0
graph-inductive Library for inductive graphs 1.0.0
graphviz Libraries to visualize graphs with Graphviz 1.0.0
html Libraries for HTML programming. 1.0.0
importusage Library and tool to show the usage of imported entities of a module 0.0.1
javascript Libraries to represent JavaScript programs in Curry 1.0.0
json A JSON library for Curry 0.0.3
mail Library with operations for sending emails. 1.0.0
makefile Library and tool for generating makefiles 0.0.3
markdown Libraries to process markdown documents 1.0.0
opt-parse An option parser for Curry 0.0.3
peval A partial evaluator for Curry 1.0.0
plural-arguments A tool to implement plural arguments in a Curry program 0.0.1
prolog Libraries to represent Prolog programs in Curry 1.0.0
regexp Library to specify the semantics of regular expressions 1.0.0
rewriting Libraries for term rewriting and narrowing 0.0.1
roman Library for roman numbers 0.0.1
runcurry Implementation of a command to run Curry programs directly 0.0.1
showflatcurry Library and tool to show FlatCurry programs in human-readable (Curry-like) form 0.0.1
sourceproggui A simple GUI for highlighting functions in the source text of a Curry module. 0.0.1
spicey A web application framework for Curry 1.1.0
transbooleq A transformation tool to replace Boolean equalities by equational constraints 0.2.0
ui Libraries to implement declarative user interfaces 1.0.0
url Library for dealing with URLs 1.0.0
verify A tool to support the verification of Curry programs 0.0.2
wui Libraries to support the type-oriented construction of web user interfaces 1.0.0
xmldata A tool for generating XML conversion functions 0.0.1